Guinea decor

Guinea pigs love plastic hideaways, tunnels, soft blankets, pigaloos, firm pet beds and second hand clothing in their enclosure. It provides the necessary “guinea pig feng shui” to allow them to feel safe, happy and secure.



Giving your guinea pig with the best possible home, is the most important thing you can do

Here are a few key tips:
1. Spend quality time with your pet, at least a couple hours a day
2. Provide a constant source of hay, pellets and fresh water
3. Complete daily checks over your guinea pig’s body to ensure they are fit and healthy, including their feet
4. Provide at least one hour of floor-time a day to allow your guinea pig to run around
5. Clean your guinea pig’s home daily to prevent infection, bumblefoot and other nasty illnesses
6. Keep your guinea pig clean. Wash every 2-3 months if needed. Check their grease gland daily