Angus and Lorri adopted Patrice in May 2014 from the RSPCA Adoption Centre at Petbarn Chatswood, and quickly she became part of the family.


Guinea pigs are normally social creatures, but Patrice didn’t get along well with other guinea pigs, so it was a condition of her adoption that she would have her own place. Patrice lived at the adoption centre for nine months before she was adopted, so she became quite close with the Petbarn staff!

Since living in her new home, Patrice loved to explore and run around the apartment. She loved to ‘popcorn’ when she went for a walk. She was a clever guinea pig as she was toilet trained, and could run up the ramp into her hutch when she wanted to go home.


Patrice was very shy when she first came home. She used to constantly shake when she heard human voices. When Patrice gained her confidence, she was always making happy chirping noises when she was held.

Patrice has since passed away but she has left an amazing legacy. Her legacy is to help others by providing advice on guinea pig health and care, and assisting other guinea pigs find their forever homes.


Chanel and Grace have since been adopted by Angus and Lorri, and she will carry to spread the word about the importance of pet adoption and guinea pig care tips!

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