Benefits of adoption

Why adopt a rescue pet? 

Benefits for you 
  • When you adopt a new pet, you will have a new companion in your family!
  • Rescue pets are health checked prior to being put up for adoption, so you are guaranteed a healthy pet!
  • The cost to adopt a rescue pet is cheaper than buying a new pet at a pet store or breeder
  • If you adopt an adult guinea pig, the rescue centre will have a good idea of what kind of personality your guinea pig has
  • Guinea pigs (and other pets) help you build your immune system and relieve stress!


Benefits for guinea pigs 
  • When you adopt a new pet, you have saved a life! Rescue shelters have hundreds of happy, healthy pets just waiting for someone to take them home
  • Living in a rescue shelter can be crowded and stressful, it is much nicer living in a happy home
  • Adopting a new pet gives them stability and confidence
  • When you adopt a pet, you make room in the shelter for another animal to be rescued