If your guinea pig gets dirty or smelly, you can wash them with a Johnsons Baby Shampoo. Bathing can be quite irritating, so only do this if your guinea pig is producing odour. Make sure the water is a bit hotter than luke warm.  Do not wash the ears or the top of your guinea pigs head. Rinse your guinea pig’s body throughly.


A quick grease gland wash are a necessary part of piggy grooming routine. All guinea pigs have a grease gland that produces an oily secretion for scenting and marking purposes and is located at the base of their spine. Although male guinea pigs are more prone to greasy buildup on their grease gland, females sometimes need attention in this area. When ignored the area can become irritated and could lead to infection. Trim the fur surrounding the grease gland if needed. Trim this area regularly if you have a long-haired guinea pig. Coconut oil helps to loosen the buildup prior to using baby shampoo.


Once you have washed your guinea pig, towel dry the excess water off. Take a hair dryer, and put on a warm (not hot) setting. Test your desired setting on yourself before using on your pet. Don’t point at the face, genitals and ears, as it can be quite stressful for your pet. Make sure that you have dried all areas throughly including the belly, in between the legs and bottom. You may need a to give your guinea pig multiple toilet breaks as this is a very nerve-wracking experience for your pet.


Wrap your guinea pig in a towel, and hold them and for a while. Sooth them, as guinea pigs are very nervous when their routine is changed.

Nails need to be trimmed on a regular basis, as they can grow into their foot pads and cause pain and/or bumblefoot. Purchase small animal nail cutters to assist you manicure your guinea pig. Make sure that you cut after the quick (see below). If you cut a nail, and blood comes out, clean with cotton wool and antiseptic straight away. Hold the cotton wool on the wound until the blood has clotted.


Image taken from https://guineapigsandme.wordpress.com/guinea-pig-care-guide/